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Hi, I’m Jennifer Skiba

I am the owner of Namastay Training. I have been working with dogs for over 16 years and have had a very successful training business for over 10 years.

Offering online classes allow me to reach more people and help more people have what I have with my dogs. A RELATIONSHIP - not just ownership.

When you work with me you will get a dog that is your friend and partner. They will listen to you because they love you not because they fear you. You will become a team. 

I will show you how to be clear and fair in your expectations and I will teach you how to positively communicate with your dog to get the results you want - a dog who listens to you and behaves well. A dog you can truly enjoy, a dog that your friends and family wish they had. Don't wait any longer. You deserve to have a dog you enjoy!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

If you are unsatisfied with your bundle, reach out to us to see if your purchase is eligible for a refund.

My bundle includes coaching. How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing a bundle that includes coaching, you'll receive further instructions in the course on how to book a time for your appointment.

How long do I have access to the course material?

Upon purchasing this bundle you will have access to the course for a year. You will have access to the downloads FOREVER.